‘The Imitation Game’ European Premiere

Three words to sum up the day: People, Rain and Pigeons!

Yesterday, 8th October, was the opening night gala of the BFI London Film Festival at Leicester Square’s Odeon featuring the highly anticipated film ‘The Imitation Game.’

‘The Imitation Game’ focuses on the British genius Alan Turing and his team of code-breakers who, in the darkest days World War II, were racing against time to to crack the German Enigma Code that helped the Allies win the war. It also looks into the life of Alan Turing: his teenage years, his prosecution for homosexual acts and his awful treatment afterwards.

This is a film I’m hugely excited about; the trailer blew me away, it’s dramatic, it’s a period drama and the main star is Benedict Cumberbatch. He is an incredible actor and is someone I’m quite in awe of.

Myself and a friend rocked up at about midday, where nothing had been set up, so we went for something to eat and rested our feet ready for the day ahead. We came back to be faced with a huge queue, so we joined it and then were escorted to the barriers. A few pre-warnings if you are a true film fan and have never been to a premiere:

1. They are unfair. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been waiting for hours and hours, when it comes to the actual event, there will be someone there who only turns up 5 minutes before, gets through the barriers, has no idea what it’s all for but still manages to get a better spot/pictures than you.

2. There will be people there who just see celebrities as a piece of meat. They don’t actually care about the film, it’s credentials or the people who made it, they just want pictures and autographs of the stars to show off and/or sell.

3. Those people will get on your nerves. They will make comments like “no-one cares about the Director! Why does anyone want to speak to him?” Refrain from hitting them.

Anyway, negative moment over because Premieres are actually really fun and no matter where you are, when the action starts, it is genuinely exciting to see the stars, the crew and how the film industry and media works right in front of your eyes!

Unfortunately when the event did start, it poured down with rain, which, understandably, makes it really difficult to sign, pose and speak to fans. Keira Knightley was the first to arrive in a stunning gold dress, then many crew members like Director Mortem Tyldum and screenwriter Graham Moore, then other cast like Charles Dance, Mark Strong and Allen Leech arrived looking very dapper. Then the dashing Benedict himself arrived, and of course the crowds went crazy. Many of the stars didn’t really come over to the fans off of the red carpet, but Benedict Cumberbatch made a valiant effort, despite the awful weather, which I thought was extremely decent of him.

During an interview when the interviewer told him the fans loved him, he looked overwhelmed and replied with: “I love you all too of course, and I’d just like to say, thank you all so much for coming down to today, standing around for hours in the cold and rain just to support us. I’m sorry that any autographs are soggy and I’m sorry I couldn’t come to everyone and I’m sorry that I couldn’t pose for your selfies and any photos because of this weather, but I adore you all and thank you.” Or something roughly along those lines, but whatever wording he used, I thought it was brilliant of him to recognise us and showed his character that he truly is a gentleman.

Apologies for rambling on. But despite the classic British weather for this classic British tale, it was a highly entertaining day and recommend everyone does it! I will post up some photos, most of them awful I’m afraid and it will be the case of “Spot the Star.” I will also post the trailer up too, as I believe everyone should go and see this film!

‘The Imitation Game’ will be released in the UK on 14th November 2014, a week before it’s US release on the 21st November.


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  1. It was the same in Toronto when Benedict arrived for the TIFF.
    The photographers interested only in taking pictures, pushed the rest of us away from the barricade .They even brought their own step stools to tower over us.Our view of Benedict was just his face and a slice of his figure between the photographers’ legs. Benedict was ever so polite to all . His retinue of guards was very efficient in herding him forward . Because he had left his contact lenses somewhere, Benedict wore black rimmed glasses to which some of the fans objected, but he finally removed the spectacles for a formal photograph for the insistent reporters. What a gorgeous face, what a regal posture and what a beautiful demeanor. He was worth our 17 hour bus trip from Washington DC . We will do it again next time Benedict Cumberbatch returns.


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