Gone Girl (2014)

First thing is first, it is very hard to review this film. The main reason being there are so many twists and turns that anything I say may or will spoil it for you. And I know how everybody, including myself, hates spoilers so I will try and leave them out! But that being said, the fact that this movie has so many twists and turns makes you not want to take your eyes from the screen for one second.

Based on Gilian Flynn’s book of the same name, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) is singled out as the prime suspect of his wife Amy’s (Rosamund Pike) disappearance and becomes the centre of a murder investigation. But not all is as it seems, there are so many buried secrets and nothing is left unturned.


Director David Fincher has a fearsome repertoire under his belt already: The Social Network, Se7en and Fight Club to name just a few, and this was no less thrilling and superb. The way he weaves in and out of past and present day through exerts of Amy’s diary is cryptic and almost unnerving as you yourself are trying to piece together the mystery. But when the mystery presents itself plainly, you realise you have been completely mislead.

Ben Affleck has truly impressed me in recent years, particularly with the way he handled ‘Argo’, a 2012 favourite of mine and he did impress me further in ‘Gone Girl’ as husband Nick Dunne. But it was Rosamund Pike who really needs applauding. As Amy Dunne, she is striking, shocking and, in short, skin crawlingly brilliant. This is the best role Pike has ever had, and I was enthralled. Maybe we can already hear the sounds of an Oscar acceptance speech?

Fincher is an intelligent film director and is first-class at throwing an audience off balance and making them feel uneasy. ‘Gone Girl’ is no exception to this. Brace yourself and expect the unexpected and you sure as hell will get it!

‘Gone Girl’ is in cinemas now.


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