Le Fear II: Le Sequel (2015) Film Review

I went into this movie not knowing what to expect. An indie comedy, horror, sci-fi, film within a film, mockumentary spoof: ‘Le Fear 2: Le Sequel’ seemed mad! But that is 100% the point of it and the madness that ensues made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions. Just go with the flow. Seriously, just go with it.

‘Le Fear II: Le Sequel’ follows film director Carlos Revalos (Kyri Saphiris) who has risked everything ($500,000 of his own money) to attempt to make his biggest and greatest film to date. However this vow for greatness is overturned by Efi, a Nigerian film producer, who literally must be the worst producer in history. He brings hell with him, in the form of himself and his sisters, and unintentionally starts a real life horror story for Carlos, one more terrifying than Carlos’ own script. This is Nollywood meets Hollywood, so let the chaos commence.


I told you to just go with it didn’t I? Well the plot is actually simple but imaginative really, nothing too complex. The raw observational documentary style it was filmed in is excellent and easy to follow and I admired the use of the gritty London locations. I also adored how natural the dialogue in the script flowed, and some of the lines are just hilarious! This script and idea is all thanks to Jason Croot, who directed and produced the film too, which is a massive achievement. I admit, I will watch anything but I am not one for black comedy or cringe comedy, where the entertainment comes from the pain of others, I emphathise so much with the characters that I get a bit depressed and feel awful if I laugh at them. However, that being said, I am a film student so the subject is something I am familiar with and actually I could relate to some of the insanity and hilarity happening around Carlos. Looking back on those situations makes me giggle now and I’m sure Carlos could do the same come the end, so actually, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Le Fear II: Le Sequel’ and was able to laugh guilt free. Croot has created a marvellous and diverting film, not too cringe-worthy, with a strong structure, keeping the insanity contained.


Kyri Saphiris plays film director Carlos Revalos well, with the right amount of frustration and swearing that’s justifiable but not tiresome either for an audience. The poor man, all shred of optimism and positivity for his film is snatched cruelly away from him by Efi (Seye Adelekan). Adelekan is just excellent and laugh out loud funny as the non existent film producer. If he’s not eating chicken, he’s scamming his way through securing locations, actors and equipment and thoroughly messing up the whole thing. But God he gets the best lines, as does his sisters Africa (Roxy Sternberg) and Femu (Scherrikar Bell). As a trio, they are hilarious, subjecting poor Carlos to blow up aliens as special effects, nearly killing their lead actress and African rituals to help him “find Jesus.”

As a film student myself, the film student Mickey is the one I can relate to most. He is filming “behind the scenes” footage guerilla style without permission from anyone and actually has more common sense and motivation than anybody else on set. Production Assistant Jessie (Leila Reid) needs a mention here too. She has the backbone to run this film that all the men on the set seem to lack, which is commendable considering the circumstances.

Just let yourself go with the flow and I promise you’ll laugh. “I’m surrounded by nutters!” Carlos exclaims, a revelation that I made myself half an hour before, but these “nutters” are the premise to a hilarious movie.

‘Le Fear II: Le Sequel’ is set to be released in 2015.


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