Films of Summer 2015

So I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s very easy to get sidetracked by University deadlines, family, work and life pressures in general, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching the latest releases. So here are a few thoughts on cinema’s best and worst this summer.

The Best

Jurassic World (May 2015)


What is the third highest grossing movie of all time, surpassing ‘The Avengers’, Jurassic World continued this momentum to become one of my favourite films of this summer and blockbusters of this decade! It had a winning formula similar to it’s predecessor ‘Jurassic Park’, but an updated, more epic version, incorporating more of the formidable raptors and the new baddie, the Idominus-Rex! If you get a chance to see this movie, please do!

Mad Max Fury Road (May 2015)


Mental, brutal and savage. There are no more words. Even though the plot could be summed in one sentence, it is still one of my favourite films of this year and touched upon themes of feminism and gender equality thanks to the writers, Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa and ‘The Wives’. But with that aside, Mad Max is a simple action film with incredible driving/fight sequences and epic characters.

Ant Man (July 2015)

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I highly enjoyed Ant Man, partly because it reminded me so much of Iron Man. It had a very similar plot, humorous dialogue and awesome action sequences, with the villain being the hero’s equal (Iron Man and the Iron Monger, and Ant Man and the Yellowjacket). Something Marvel can always get spot on is casting (with the exception of Don Cheadle for the re-casting of War Machine), and Paul Rudd is perfect for Scott Lang/Ant Man, along with great support from Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll and the hilarious Michael Pena.

Southpaw (July 2015)


I made a prediction to my boyfriend a week ago after seeing the trailer for ‘Everest’: Jake Gyllenhaal will be nominated for both Lead Actor and Supporting Actor at this year’s Academy Awards.  Now obviously I could be completely off the mark here, but if his performance in Southpaw is anything to go by, then perhaps I should put a bet on. This movie explores grief and picking yourself back up from ultimate despair, but touches upon similar themes to that of Rocky: prejudice, opportunity and the American class system vs the American Dream. Southpaw is moving, uneasy, intense and thrilling all at once.

Straight Outta Compton (August 2015)


This one was a big surprise to me as- shock horror- I am not down with the gangsta’ rap. However, Straight Outta Compton really impressed me. You have to appreciate the parallels between this fantastic musical biopic and NWA’s music: groundbreaking, political and poignant with impressive performances right up to the end. Their music, despite being hostile, became the much needed voice behind the working class population and the anthems of the riots to come. LA gangs the Bloods and the Crips stood united against a corrupted police force, neckerchiefs tied together, accompanied by NWA’s ‘Fuck tha Police’ is a chilling scene that I will never forget.

The Worst

Terminator Genisys (June 2015)

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I still don’t understand why I agreed to go along and watch this movie. And, of course, by the end I wished I hadn’t. I haven’t walked out of a cinema screen in a long time, but on this occasion I very nearly just. They can’t even spell the word genesis correctly. The only thing that kept me there was Arnold Schwartznegger as at least he brought in a couple of laughs. But in a nutshell? Appalling.

Minions (June 2015)


Unfortunately, The Minions are not very compelling or enthralling leading characters. They are very sweet and funny, and loyal and yellow, and aspects  of the film was likeable and enjoyable but the plot is not as sophisticated as the Despicable Me’s and I was left bored. But kids absolutely adored it and that is it’s purpose at the end of the day, to captivate children.

Fantastic Four (August 2015)


This movie left us all asking this question: When will cinema ever get Fantastic Four right? Better than the ridiculous, idiotic 2005 version in my opinion but still not quite good enough I’m afraid. It was a little on the bland side and the finale fight against Dr. Doom is so short-lived, you’re back to being bored again. Some plus points were the interesting casting of the Four (including Jamie Bell as the Thing, polar opposite of Michael Chiklis’) and the transportation sequence where they obtain their powers was excellent and refreshing to watch. But otherwise, this is another version that looks like it’ll need rebooting in a couple of years. Maybe next time, hand the rights over to Marvel and perhaps they’ll do them justice..?

What do you guys think on the films of this summer? Hopefully now I’ll be blogging more frequently, sharing my musings about films on here (because no-one likes to hear me ramble on in person). But I am looking forward to the award season and the many releases to come!


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