‘The Circus’

The video you see below is my promo for my third year grad film, and the reason why I’ve not been able to blog so often on here, as I’ve been super busy with this! It was created by myself and some incredibly talented third year students, to give you a taste of the film to come. Click on the ‘K’ to check out our Kickstarter page and back us!

‘The Circus’ is an ambitious student project inspired by the steampunk style and set in a Victorian England Circus, focusing on the female ring master. She and her troupe try to trap a government bureaucrat during their final performance, a man who is responsible, along with others, for abducting orphaned children off the streets of London.

It also starred the incredibly talented make up artist and model Penelope Gwen – if you’ve not heard of her, check out her amazing make up looks on Instragram @Pennold. Also, check our social media out too!

Twitter – @TheCircusFilm

Instagram – @thecircusfilm

We’ve got a healthy following, so if you back our project, we’ll do you a shoutout!

Thank you! M x


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