Women have often been told that “Formula 1 is a man’s world” and Formula 1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t believe women can compete, stating “women are not physically able to drive F1 cars” and that “if there was somebody that was capable, they wouldn’t be taken seriously anyway.”

I’m a huge motorsport enthusiast and follow Formula 1, Moto GP and Rally WRC where I can, and used to kart too. However, I’m sure I’m not the first in asking “where are the ladies here? They can drive too right?”

Since Formula 1 began in 1950, there have only ever been 6 female drivers who have started a race, and only 1 of those ever scored a point: Lella Lombardi back in 1975. So why has there been little progression since then?

The lower divisions are where the shifts and changes are unconsciously happening for women to have a successful future in this sport. And because of this, I decided our main documentary arc will follow a young up-and-coming karter and observe behind the scenes.

At the moment, the documentary’s prime questions to ask and address are: What is it like for women working in motorsport (F1, rally, karting, motogp, drivers, engineers etc)? Can and will women compete equally in the highest level, Formula 1, alongside it’s male drivers?

So far, there is only a small team of us involved, making initial contact with the relevant people.


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