Crypt – Coming Soon in 2017!

FrightFest showcases the best of new British horror and thriller films, whether it’s shorts, features and web series. This year was no different, as FrightFest 2017 saw the UK premiere of Crypt, a short film with a unique take on the horror and thriller genre.

Directed by Eitan Arrusi, Crypt tells the story of Jed and his team of rescue and salvage experts, who are called dig out the survivors following an underground explosion in London.

Below is a teaser video that premiered at FrightFest on 27th August which I urge you to watch and share.

This teaser had me hooked and intrigued; it’s full of suspense, it shocks and alludes to my favourite horror/thriller films. After three years living in London, I never once thought about what lay beyond and below the Underground system and this is why Crypt’s concept is absolutely fascinating and original. The tagline sums it up perfectly:

Beneath London is a world few ever get to see. Over 1000 miles of tunnels and rivers. The last place you’d want to be trapped… I know I certainly wouldn’t!

If you’d like to know more, check out and follow their social media pages:

Twitter / Instagram: @CryptTheFilm




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