Cinema and Me

Although blogs come and go, times change and technologies advance, one thing’s for certain and that is that cinema will never stop. And it definitely hasn’t in the two years I haven’t posted on this blog.

I know I’ve been gone a long time – no-one can call a dormant film blog successful or relevant. But, I’ve returned because I’ve missed it and everything to do with film. I have a love-hate relationship with film as a whole now, but what is it that calls people like me to it? The glamour, the stories, the drama, the penmanship, the artwork, the shine and sparkle surrounding awards and celebrities… Call me fickle and shallow, but this is how it’s always been even since the silent movies of Chaplin and Griffith and then into the talkies of the twenties, the golden age and so on. The film industry will always call me back.

For a bit of background about me and my relationship with the vague term I use that is ‘film’, I grew up memorising casts and crews of films I hadn’t even seen, would invent the oddest blockbuster plots and would imagine myself acting in films or winning an Oscar for just about everything (“the award for acting/make-up/that weird plot twist/lighting/being the best friend of Angie goes to…”). From there, I gained a first class degree in film and television production in London, did so much work and work experience in the hope that I could move anywhere and simply slot into place at some production company, whatever role it was. For some, this works and comes easy. For others, it can be soul destroying. I was the latter. This industry is soul destroying. It’s fake promises, unanswered emails and lost voicemails. But this is why we love it and this is how it works. If you break in, you’re IN. If you’re IN, you’re obsessed.

And this is why I’m back here now. I’m not IN yet. Not quite. But, I’ve had my two year break, where I tried my hand at a career I thought I wanted yet now I want to give this film stuff another go. For the record, these “other” careers are great for sure, but they’re also just as much fake promises and soul-destroying as anything elseSo, why not try something you love and be let down, instead of a career you’re not really that passionate about but it sort of pays the mortgage at a steady rate and yet you’ll still be let down?

All in all, I’m back. And, if I find something I love just as film, I’ll buy some furniture and give the cat a name. For now though, this blog is Tiffany’s and I’m giving it another go.

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