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San Diego Comic Con, one of the World’s biggest and renowned conventions, has dropped some major news this week, particularly in the world of Superheroes. Let’s sum up:


Practically every single Marvel actor was at the comic con (with the exception of Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans) and it was a beautiful sight. They’re keeping most of Avengers: Infinity War under wraps for the moment but they released their new poster for it which look incredible! And there are rumours that teenage Groot appears a lot and will steal the show.


Thor: Ragnarok‘s new trailer was dropped! Hulk is talking properly and it seems Bruce and Thor’s relationship is a true bromance. Even bigger news is that tiny clip we see in the trailer of Thor facing a new villain Surtur, the Fire Demon, voiced by Clancy Brown. And look at the beautiful poster for Ragnarok! This movie is potentially looking like one of Marvel’s greats!


And on the subject of awesome new posters, check out Black Panther’s too!


Ant-Man and the Wasp is coming to us in 2018. Paul Rudd has featured in two of the Marvel films so far, one his own title movie and the second in Civil War, where, let’s face it, he stole the show in that fight scene. We knew the moment we saw her and the suit in Ant-Man’s after credit clip that Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) will be the Wasp. But what about others? Michael Douglas as Hank Pym is back, but joining the team are Michelle Pfeiffer and, jumping ship from DC (or, ya know, playing for both sides), is Laurence Fishburne. Pfeiffer will be playing Janet van Dyne, the original Wasp and wife to Hank and mother to Hope. It’s unclear whether she’ll appear in flashback form or if she’ll be finding her way back from the subatomic realm to present day. Fishburne is coming in as Bill Foster who is a scientist who works alongside Pym and becomes Giant-Man. Also revealed was that they’re will be a character called Ghost in it, who originally is an Iron Man villain.


Don’t forget that The Defenders is released on Netflix on the 18th August! Having seen all of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, I can safely say I’m extremely excited for this! Especially as Sigourney Weaver is the villain in this one, and we all know TV Marvel brings some excellent villains: Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Killgrave (David Tennant) were incredible, and even Cottonmouth and the Meachum’s were pretty strong too.



Justice League is coming in November 2017 and here’s hoping they can stay on track this year after the brilliance of Wonder Woman. I’m incredibly excited but word on the street is that Ben Affleck doesn’t want to play Batman any more. Ben, what are you doing? And even worse is the rumour how they plan to replace him: Apparently Flash goes back in time and changes it so that Bruce and his mother die and stops the death of Bruce Wayne’s father. He then, in turn, becomes Batman… So it’ll be Robert Wayne, not Bruce Wayne. Huh?? Though, at San Diego Comic Con, Ben Affleck was defending himself “I love this character.” So maybe he’s regretting the comment now?


A first look at Star Trek: Discovery was revealed, plus Marvel’s Inhumans! And don’t forget Star Wars Episode VIII at the end of the year too! Let’s just say, we can’t wait!


Cyberbully (2015) TV Review

When I first started high school, cyber-bullying wasn’t very topical, I guess mainly because Facebook barely existed, Twitter didn’t exist at all and mobile phones weren’t as fun and “smart” as they are now. Throughout school though, technology and social media developed extremely quickly and, that being said, I have experienced mild forms of cyber-bullying and have known others who have been more severe victims. Nowadays cyber-bullying is ever increasing into a serious subject matter that definitely should not be taken lightly.

Cyberbully, aired on 15th January of this year, focuses on young girl Casey (played by Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams), who is a typical teenager always online, always tweeting and blogs anonymously as “Chronic Youth.” One evening, she is at the mercy of an online hacker, who claims “I help victims of cyber-bullying” and here her hour of torture begins.

As events play out in real time, we watch as real life cyber bullying cases are compiled together and dramatised for this terrifyingly truthful docu-drama. The point is, even if comments are made anonymously, most people are actually bullies online. Those often forget that there is a real person with feelings behind the screen, and that actually people bully out of jealousy, spite and a need to fit into a society driven by technology and social media. Even Casey shockingly reminds us: “Everyone does it. It’s f—king nasty, but it’s normal!”


Maisie Williams as Casey, for me, drives the 60 minutes. I was worried after seeing a trailer a few months ago that Cyberbully would be too dramatic and over-the-top, but when watching it, those worries disappeared. Practically a one woman show, she carries the film well, striking the right balance between normal moody teenager, matter-of-fact nasty teenager, and vulnerable girl.

Cyberbully was a tad predictable, and the section with the pills, I thought, was a bit silly, but it wasn’t made to be scrutinised too much. It’s a message, and held an incredible authenticity and realistic truth to it that actually moved me. If it won’t leave a mark on anyone else, let’s hope it leaves a mark on the younger generation (including myself), to always think twice about their activity and what they publish online.

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