Crypt – Coming Soon in 2017!

FrightFest showcases the best of new British horror and thriller films, whether it’s shorts, features and web series. This year was no different, as FrightFest 2017 saw the UK premiere of Crypt, a short film with a unique take on the horror and thriller genre.

Directed by Eitan Arrusi, Crypt tells the story of Jed and his team of rescue and salvage experts, who are called dig out the survivors following an underground explosion in London.

Below is a teaser video that premiered at FrightFest on 27th August which I urge you to watch and share.

This teaser had me hooked and intrigued; it’s full of suspense, it shocks and alludes to my favourite horror/thriller films. After three years living in London, I never once thought about what lay beyond and below the Underground system and this is why Crypt’s concept is absolutely fascinating and original. The tagline sums it up perfectly:

Beneath London is a world few ever get to see. Over 1000 miles of tunnels and rivers. The last place you’d want to be trapped… I know I certainly wouldn’t!

If you’d like to know more, check out and follow their social media pages:

Twitter / Instagram: @CryptTheFilm




The BFG (2016)

Anyone my age and older will say that Roald Dahl’s stories inspired us and maybe even helped shape our lives today. Each story is timeless and perhaps the most moving yet most frightening of them is The BFG or The Big Friendly Giant. Excitement overcame me when I saw the posters and trailer for this movie, as it did my friend whose idea it was to watch it yesterday.

One night Sophie, an orphaned girl in London, spots a giant from her window. Fearing she would tell the adult world, he takes her away with him back to Giant Country and his little house underground. At first, she’s afraid she’ll be eaten, but realises he’s actually a very friendly giant, who doesn’t eat children, but the nine other giants in the country do. They form a close friendship, and she calls him BFG (Big Friendly Giant). BFG is bossed around and bullied by the other horrible giants, who also steal children from their beds and eat them, Sophie and her Giant both hatch a plan to stop them, which enlists a certain monarch’s help.

Directed by Steven Spielberg I knew the story would be in safe hands and he created some magical moments, particularly the dream catching sequence. Dotted around London are Sophie’s Dream Jars also, so it seemed like the story was taken seriously before the film even premiered.


Admittedly, the opening is a little slow starting and some points in the middle drag despite the quality cast and visuals. I also felt there were certain moments that were a little randomly placed and didn’t fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of the movie. As sweet and light as the musical score was by John Williams it isn’t as iconic or memorable as his previous work such as E.T., Jurassic Park etc.

But these flaws will be soon forgotten as you get swept into the world of the Giants. Even though tailored towards children, who laughed and engaged in it from what I witnessed in the cinema, it is humorous enough that even the parents were laughing out loud. The giant sequences are playful; the two lead evil giants Fleshlumpeater and Bloodbottler played by Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Bill Hader (Inside Out, Saturday Night Live) are unrecognisable and wonderfully evil. Scriptwriter Melissa Mathison did an excellent job by retaining the unique speech of the Giants, originally crafted by Roald Dahl himself.


Ruby Barnhill makes a spirited Sophie, and kudos for such a young girl to practically act alone against CGI Giants. And the surprise appearances of Penelope Wilton, Rebecca Hall and Rafe Spall are welcome as they bring another smile to your face. But it’s really Mark Rylance who, once again, steals the show for me. The beauty of his acting is that he doesn’t just talk the talk or walk the walk, he also conveys so much emotion and tells a thousand stories through his expressive eyes. When he is on screen, it is never a dull moment, whether it be funny or sad, and he is the perfect BFG.

Overall, The BFG is a lovely film that had me smiling throughout and was a truly charming watch.

Back to Blogging – The Circus

Hi all,

So I’ve been completely out of the loop with blogging the past few months, all because of a little short film called ‘The Circus.’ Well little, to be honest, is an understatement. Featuring a big top circus tent, trapeze artists and acrobats, insane makeup by Penelope Gwen (@pennold) and steampunk costumes, ‘The Circus’ is the most ambitious film I have produced so far, and was super fun to work on!

Here are some sneaky screenshots…

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Twitter / Instagram: @thecircusfilm

Now I’m back and ready to blog again with new film/TV reviews, musings and potential guest bloggers too!

M x

‘The Circus’

The video you see below is my promo for my third year grad film, and the reason why I’ve not been able to blog so often on here, as I’ve been super busy with this! It was created by myself and some incredibly talented third year students, to give you a taste of the film to come. Click on the ‘K’ to check out our Kickstarter page and back us!

‘The Circus’ is an ambitious student project inspired by the steampunk style and set in a Victorian England Circus, focusing on the female ring master. She and her troupe try to trap a government bureaucrat during their final performance, a man who is responsible, along with others, for abducting orphaned children off the streets of London.

It also starred the incredibly talented make up artist and model Penelope Gwen – if you’ve not heard of her, check out her amazing make up looks on Instragram @Pennold. Also, check our social media out too!

Twitter – @TheCircusFilm

Instagram – @thecircusfilm

We’ve got a healthy following, so if you back our project, we’ll do you a shoutout!

Thank you! M x

Start Your Engines: a Karting Documentary

So I thought I would post something a little different today…

This is a short documentary, myself and 3 friends were responsible for making! This version from friend/camera guy Tom on YouTube is the version we submitted and won ‘Best First Year Documentary’ last year at University! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Announcement!

Most of you may have heard already, but The Hobbit ‘s Battle of the Five Armies World Premiere has finally been announced! And as I predicted last year, it is in London!

The announcement was made by Sir Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans in special video for us adoring fans (see below).

Facts: It will be in London’s Leicester Square on 1st December 2014!

It seems that this will be a huge event, including the cast and crew from The Lord of the Ring’s trilogy too! I guess Peter Jackson wants a proper send off to mark the end of an era!

I’m praying however that it gets pushed back a week, because I can’t go to it. This is an event me and my friend had been planning to go to for over a year because we are massive massive Tolkien, LOTR, The Hobbit and Peter Jackson fans and when I found out I can’t go because of important previous engagements I actually cried. I warned you I was a nerd!

But anyway, if you can get to this event because you are a fan, try to because I’m sure it will be mesmerising!

Life as a Film Student

Life as a film student began September 2013. As most Freshers or just students in general can agree, joining the collective class of “student”, moving home, making new friends and managing money is a scary one, but for me there was other pressures too. Joining the course meant it would be my first real connection to the film industry with professional, fancy equipment I’d never heard of, being around lecturers and tutors who were in fact industry professionals themselves and not forgetting socialising with your course mates who seem to know everything about everything already! This course was important and I had to make it work.

There was so much stress and so much anxiety in my first year! And for people experiencing the same thing: don’t worry, don’t panic it does get better.. Promise!

Here are a few tips, that I wish someone had given me when I went into first year:

Tip Number 1: Make Many Friends (on your course) and Network! This has two benefits as firstly they’ll be similar to you and from this you’ll make friends for life! Secondly, by making these friends for life it means you have a production team right there and contacts for the future!

I am very privileged to have such awesome course mates (3 of them now I actually live with and work with on university projects) and I have actually found people like myself who will let me ramble on and on about films without being told to shut up.

Tip Number 2: Work hard! This is sort of a given, but I know many students who don’t, particularly in first year. This isn’t a bad thing of course, but by working hard, this can open many doors for you later on!

For example, I am a nerd, I worked hard and got 71% (a first) in year one. Because of this I am part of 20 people in my year chosen for a BBC Broadcast Production programme and get to visit the BBC for industry practice. I was also asked by one of my lecturers to help him on a feature film. And I won a cool award that looks like an Oscar! But the important thing here being is that my group and I got recognition for our hard work and use that for future advantage.

Tip Number 3: Research and Extra Curricular! If you want to write screenplays, write! If you want to edit films, research software, get hold of it and edit! If you want to be a camera operator, get a camera and shoot! The list goes on! If you don’t know what you want to do yet, that’s OK too. Maybe start researching and try different things.. but the more clued up you are the easier it will be. As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect!

Tip Number 4: Make Films, Laugh and Have Fun! Of course the cheesy, frequently stated final tip is to have fun! Film making, no matter how stressful, should always be enjoyable!

I hope this helps (someday if anyone reads it)! Feel free to tweet/DM me on Twitter on @MarthaShaw17 for any advice/questions anyone may have!


Hello there!

Welcome to my (attempt at a) blog! I am a 20 year old Film & Television student and moved to London to fulfil the daunting dream of working in the ever-so-exclusive film industry! The majority of the time, this blog will be film related: reviews, articles, days out, premieres (hopefully) and general musings. But being the person I am, I will probably go off topic. A lot.

Watch this space and Enjoy!

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